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Living out our faith means going beyond the walls of the church to serve our neighbors. The church's primary focus is helping however we can to those God has placed in our midst -- our community! Over the years we have developed a number of ministries designed to care for some specific needs in our area. Check out a few of our current ones and contact us if you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer or if you could be benefitted by them.

Wood Furniture

Moving soon? In need of gently used furniture and not able to afford quality items from big box stores? Downsizing and looking to give your favorite chairs and tables a new home? We collect furniture in good condition so that when our neighbors are in need we can supply them exactly what they need to feel right at home. One bed, one couch, one piece of furniture can change everything.


There is nothing quite like the power of a warm meal made with love. It can not only turn your day around, food has a way of making you feel complete again. On the day of the meal, a dedicated crew welcomes anyone and everyone to stop by for a free meal down in fellowship hall, accessible from the back door of the church building. Bring a friend, invite your neighbors, or come alone and meet some of your fellow community members here. Never know who will stop by for a meal! Doors open at 11 and the meal begins at noon.

Meals now take place every single Friday!


We have no way of knowing when life will take a turn for the worse and we lose someone we love dearly. Life comes and goes, often without mercy. Are you grieving a loss? Is your heart still so pained, even perhaps after such a long time? Each week a number of individuals who know what grief looks like gather at the church to share where they are and how they are hurting. Grief is a journey, one meant to be walked with others. 

The next program runs on Thursdays, March 16 - June 8. The group meets at the church from 6:30 - 8PM.


On the journey of life there are so many opportunities for us to feel like we are taking the wrong turns -- and before we even know it we do not recognize ourselves anymore. There is no shortage of ways this can happen. Each 4th Sunday of the month we create a space for healing and renewal, where you can be wholly yourself as you are right now, wounds and all. If you need a time of silence, or a chance to catch your breath, or someone to offer a prayer for you, or anointing of holy oil, or something else just as healing, stop by at 2PM each 4th Sunday.

Church Candles
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