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Colorful Books



6 - 730PM

Begin the week exploring the greatest story ever told. Every monday evening a small crew of adults gather to read interesting sections and books of the Bible.


Somewhere between questions, tangents, laughter, and snacks some studying real gets done! We are all learners, so all levels of experience with the Bible are welcomed. There is no wrong question or consideration.



530 - 7PM

Every other Monday evening the downstairs of the church is filled with the sounds of laughter, learning, and friendship. A brand new chapter of scouts has formed with local girls and their mothers.


As of now the scouts are primarily daisies, ages 5 - 7. If you are the parent of a young girl who is going to change the world and you want her to explore, build confidence, and making long-lasting friendships, then join this girl scout troop!




630 - 730PM

There is nothing worse than trying to get a handle on addiction all by yourself. There are too many temptations which can all too easily have you falling right back into your old habits.


But, don't lose hope. Recovery is possible. Remain hopeful. There is a local group of individuals just like you who gather weekly to offer one another support and accountability to work through and overcome their and your addictions. Don't wait. Join this week.



9AM - 12PM

Always good for a few jokes and time to listen to the sounds of whatever is on your mind and burdening your heart, Pastor Ross sets aside Wednesday morning to spend at the church office, available for any one to drop in for anything -- prayer, confession, a cup of coffee, some good stories, whatever you need.


Chances are he might not have all the answers, but he is ready to walk walk alongside you figuring them out together. Drop on by!

Sheet Music


We know you like to sing when you're by yourself -- no judgements here. We all do! The only thing preventing us from singing in public is fear of singing alone. That's why a group of men and women gather each Thursday to join their voices to sing some of their favorite songs, and in the process honor God.


Svetlana, the organist and choir director, is practically a saint! She is patient, joyful, and committed to helping you sing to the Lord no matter your skill level. Join sometime and sing.


12 - 2PM


12 - 1PM

Few things in life are as comforting as a warm meal. When your stomach is empty, a meal has the power to change your entire day. Plus, if around the table is good company, then not only can your stomach be filled, so can your heart.


Join each week for a warm meal with some great people around the table. The meals take place downstairs in the fellowship hall of the church. Doors open at 11AM and the meal is usually ready to serve at 12.

Salad and Bread





10 - 11AM

End your week on a good note with a good word. Each Sunday service is a time to be renewed in mind, body and spirit. Pray, hear a great sermon, sing sacred hymns, share your joys, eat some delicious food, and meet many of your neighbors who value serving one another and serving God with love.


No two services are ever the same -- each week is a different blessing. Dress comfortably and if you want to slip in the doors a few minutes late, no worries! We're just happy you're here.


1o - 11AM

No age is too young or too old to learn about God's wondrous love. Each Sunday morning everyone gathers in the sanctuary to begin worship together, share joys, sing songs.


Then everyone who is young at heart gets to leave the adults behind and go to Sunday school where they get to play games, make crafts, and learn about love, grace, and God in a variety of ways.

We have two classes taking place each Sunday morning, one for kids in grades K - 6 and then 7 - 12. This grouping allows youth of similar life experiences to learn age appropriate religious education for them to digest and put into practice so they can live out their faith just like we do every single day!

Kids in Church


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